Marketing Perspectives

Because of the unique technical advantages it offers, the Python System is particularly suitable in the following situations:


Where safety and environmental issues are factors, especially with hazardous material, such as asbestos
Where uninterrupted horizontal and vertical material movement is necessary
When moving material in congested areas, particularly  where minimal use of the floor area is desirable
When transporting materials over long distances
When transporting over rough terrain 
When moving material without spillage is imperative 


The Python System has the potential to dominate the material and bulk solids handling market, specifically in complicated conditions. Because of cost and technical advantages, the Python System is superior to most belt conveyor systems in all but a few applications. Therefore, the list of potential customers is very broad and extensive. Significant applications exist in the following industries:
Mining / Quarrying
Food Processing
Building Products Manufacturing


Wood, Pulp and Paper Processing
Chemical Processing
Primary Metals Processing
Off-shore Bulk Ship Loading and Unloading
Power Generation
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